Sport-specific Performance Enhancement

​For those of you eternally seeking a new PR, the team at Symmetry & Flow can help improve your posture, balance your strength, and reduce risk of injury, so you can train harder for longer!

Why choose Symmetry & Flow as YOUR Sports Doctors:

Symmetry & Flow works with athletes to maximize their potential, reach their sports performance goals, and reduce their risk of injury by designing integrated treatments specific to that sport. At Symmetry & Flow, we are athletes, so we understand your needs. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, amateur athlete, or top professional, we are passionate about helping you perform at YOUR optimum.

How we get YOU
back to performing:

A sports chiropractor understands the unique demands placed on athletes. We can help with: 1) A quicker return to your sport following injury, 2) Addressing existing injuries to reduce pain and improve overall performance, and 3) Identifying potential issues or performance limiters.

Chronically sprained ankles

Tennis elbow (pain on the outside of the elbow)

Golfers elbow (pain on the inside of the elbow)

Rotator cuff tears

Shoulder pain

Osgood Schlatters (pain in front of knee)


Dislocation rehab

Plantar fasciitis

Runner’s Knee Pain Syndrome

IT Band Syndrome


How We Keep You At Optimal Performance

Numerous years of experience treating athletes has positioned Dr. Joaquin Rosado to treat and prevent a broad array of Sport-Specific injuries. Athletes make lots of sacrifices in the name of performance. When it comes to treatment and prevention, it seems that most athletes require a catastrophic event in order to seek out care. Most sports injuries don’t occur by accident, they are the end stage of a series of problems, whether it be joint restrictions, muscle imbalances, or even poor training habits. The absence of pain does not necessarily mean that there is health. Joint, muscular, and ligament injuries often occur as a result of long-term biomechanical dysfunctions from past injuries, which make the area more prone to injury. Sports Chiropractors are experts in the proper movement of the human body. Exercise and proper nutrition are just 2 pieces to the puzzle, proper treatment by a Sports Chiropractor and Therapist is essential to maintain your body’s health and optimal levels of performance.

We at Symmetry & Flow use an “Custom Made Integrative Approach” for the treatment of sports injuries. All injuries are caused by a combination of 1) Joint Dysfunction, 2) Muscle Imbalances, 3) Connection between the two (Neuro-Muscular System), and 4) Cardiovascular weaknesses (proper blood flow).

We use chiropractic corrections to address joint dysfunctions, massage to address muscle spasms, and acupuncture enhances the chiropractic and massage treatments by strengthening the cardiovascular and nervous systems.